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InterviewStream® is an online webcam-based video interviewing resource that allows job seekers to enhance their confidence in the interview process. InterviewStream® takes the idea of a mock interview to a 21st century audience by allowing Career Advisors and job seekers to select questions that align with the job they are seeking as well as practice some of those more difficult behavioral interview questions. In addition, employers use InterviewStream® to pre-screen candidates right from anywhere they have internet access. WorkOne Career Advisors also can provide feedback assessments that they can send to the job seeker to allow them to see how well they did such things as maintain eye contact, minimize filler words like Um or you know in the interview and commanded confidence in the interview. InterviewStream® in WorkOne Northwest must be provided by a WorkOne Career Advisor and unfortunately cannot be currently supported on a mobile or tablet-based platform.

 You will need to have a picture I.D. and verification of your social security number with you at the time of your initial visit.